René & Mizanne – Engagement shoot, Company Gardens, 30 November 2013


As the sun climbed high into the sky and the morning breeze blew a breath of new life, Mizanne and René arrived for their engagement shoot. Turning the corner hand-in-hand, the couple was welcomed by the chitter chatter of nature as Company Gardens rejoiced and welcomed them into its abundant heart.

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Minka’s cake smash – Paarl, 9 September 2013


Sugar smile, sticky fingers, cherub cheeks, icing lingers on chubby chin, pink lips all the way down to teeny fingertips.

On 9 September 2013 Minka Pretorius turned one year old and to celebrate her first milestone she was given her very own cake to smash and savour.  Tentative fingers soon found their way beneath the gooey icing as an inquisitive look turned into a mischievous twinkle.  It wasn’t long until the top of the giant cupcake was obliterated, sending shards of sugar pink crystals and sweet vanilla crumbs across the room.

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Gayle Britz birthday celebration – Eaglevlei Estate, 10 August 2013


As the late winter’s sun sunk low between the mountains and the last lingering rays turned the rolling bare vineyards into stark slithers of shadows, guests began to descend the long driveway of Eaglevlei Estate. Travelling from Durban, London, Joburg or around the corner in Paarl, they had all been drawn together for one magical night by their shared love for a one-of-a-kind woman – Gayle Britz – to celebrate her 40th birthday milestone.

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Marike and Stephan Basson – Laatson Porterville, 18 May 2013

TPC_01_Cover Pic to start with

On 18 May the clouds parted, the rains paused and the wind held its breath, winter gave stage to the most sublime summer’s day as it shone brilliantly down from the heavens. In the midst of  this suspended splendour, Marike and Stephan Basson were wed at Laatson Porterville, enclosed by the serenity of nature and the blessings of close friends and family.

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Marthina and Michael – Constantia Woods Guest House, 27 April 2013


A multitude of coloured stockings mimicked the bright cheerfulness of the “best day ever” as Marthina’s bridesmaids descended the secret garden aisle. At the end Michael stood waiting for his bride to light up the intimate gathering seated beneath the dappled shade of trees. On the arm of her brother she appeared around the corner and in a flurry of vivacious laughter the couple were wed in their own unique ceremony.

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Willie and Marielienne – Blue Horizon, 27 October 2012


Marielienne and Willie van der Vyver were married on 27 October 2012. The late spring morning dawned bright and clear as the soft early light danced across the waves of the Indian Ocean. The quaint hillside village of Simonstown was still fast asleep but, for some, this day was twelve years coming and they weren’t going to miss a second of it.

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