Marthina and Michael – Constantia Woods Guest House, 27 April 2013


A multitude of coloured stockings mimicked the bright cheerfulness of the “best day ever” as Marthina’s bridesmaids descended the secret garden aisle. At the end Michael stood waiting for his bride to light up the intimate gathering seated beneath the dappled shade of trees. On the arm of her brother she appeared around the corner and in a flurry of vivacious laughter the couple were wed in their own unique ceremony.

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Willie and Marielienne – Blue Horizon, 27 October 2012


Marielienne and Willie van der Vyver were married on 27 October 2012. The late spring morning dawned bright and clear as the soft early light danced across the waves of the Indian Ocean. The quaint hillside village of Simonstown was still fast asleep but, for some, this day was twelve years coming and they weren’t going to miss a second of it.

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