Minka’s cake smash – Paarl, 9 September 2013


Sugar smile, sticky fingers, cherub cheeks, icing lingers on chubby chin, pink lips all the way down to teeny fingertips.

On 9 September 2013 Minka Pretorius turned one year old and to celebrate her first milestone she was given her very own cake to smash and savour.  Tentative fingers soon found their way beneath the gooey icing as an inquisitive look turned into a mischievous twinkle.  It wasn’t long until the top of the giant cupcake was obliterated, sending shards of sugar pink crystals and sweet vanilla crumbs across the room.

Dressed to impress in her favourite Minnie Mouse outfit, Minka was the star of her very own culinary show with an attentive audience in tow. Mom, dad, grand parents and great grandma all stood at a safe distance from the decadent display with words of encouragement and expressions of pure love on their adoring faces.

Minka is already growing into a typical little child, enjoying meal time much more than bath time.  Rather than taking a  tumble in the tub afterwards she chose to gurgle and play with the bubbles.  Well, she was the birthday girl after all and on her one special day she could get away with anything her heart desired!

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One comment on “Minka’s cake smash – Paarl, 9 September 2013

  1. Minka enjoyed this so much, she had lots of fun,,,, Lee had a bit of a struggle as Minka is impossible to keep still at some times, but as always my friend did the most amazing job.

    Thank you Lee for capturing this special event for us in such a nice way,,, will defenitly recommend you to everyone.

    Lots of Love Jodene

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