Gayle Britz birthday celebration – Eaglevlei Estate, 10 August 2013


As the late winter’s sun sunk low between the mountains and the last lingering rays turned the rolling bare vineyards into stark slithers of shadows, guests began to descend the long driveway of Eaglevlei Estate. Travelling from Durban, London, Joburg or around the corner in Paarl, they had all been drawn together for one magical night by their shared love for a one-of-a-kind woman – Gayle Britz – to celebrate her 40th birthday milestone.

The theme, black and white with a touch of glitz, had everyone dressed to the nines in their contrasting colours and flashing fantasy of decadence as they readied for a rip-roaring event as only Gayle could throw. Upon entering the party, each guest added a personal thumbprint to Gayle’s hand crafted tree of friends and family. The naked branches soon blossomed into full heads of leaves showing the many ties and bonds that have connected in her life so far.

Adored by friends and family, Gayle enjoys a special place in the heart of everyone who attended and their love for her shone through in the tears and smiles as a select few made heartfelt speeches. Even the presence of those who could not attend was felt as their blessings exuded in every flick of the candle and dance of the shadows.

The dance floor was seldom empty as everyone took to the floor with zest and tried their best to match Gayle’s expert Zumba moves. Encircled in colourful clouds and jiving to the rhythm of the flames in the wide hearth, the party goers carried the night in true Gayle fashion of verve and vivacity.

40 is your perfect age to

do anything you want to do

Creativity and common sense

Have been refined in you

You’re mature in your wisdom

Your spirit is aged and bold

Humour is your shield of fire

And your heart is solid gold

By: Michelle

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