Marike and Stephan Basson – Laatson Porterville, 18 May 2013

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On 18 May the clouds parted, the rains paused and the wind held its breath, winter gave stage to the most sublime summer’s day as it shone brilliantly down from the heavens. In the midst of  this suspended splendour, Marike and Stephan Basson were wed at Laatson Porterville, enclosed by the serenity of nature and the blessings of close friends and family.

The only entities brave enough to rival Marike’s radiant beauty were the rolling hillsides and swaying leaves as they caught the soft breeze, but even these were no match. In her custom-made gown with her side-swept curls, Marike was the picture-perfect bride stepping out from the pages of a storybook and into her own real-life fairytale. Her Prince Charming could not have been happier as he secretly stowed  his handkerchief away and his wife to be  descended the aisle into his arms.

The intimate ceremony was held outside beneath the canopies of the trees as Stephan and Marike’s lyrical worships and the lilt of the shofars hung sweetly in the air. The couples’ love for each other was as natural as the rustic beauty of their  wedding setting and this transcended effortlessly into the couple shoot. Traversing the surrounding landscape, the newlyweds and their bridal party revelled in the early evening light as the sun set deeper and their eyes shone brighter with the vigour of life. Marike’s lively spirit and favourite boots even made an appearance as she and Stephan climbed over barbed wire to secure the ideal spot for a shot.

Later in the day the stars took over and the party may have carried on long into the night but Marike and Stephan’s love for each other will surely last a life time and more.

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12 comments on “Marike and Stephan Basson – Laatson Porterville, 18 May 2013

  1. Anné says:

    Ahhh Dis sooo mooi 🙂 Well done dame 🙂

  2. Johann van Genderen says:

    Baie baie mooi fotos!!

  3. Sharnelle Basson says:

    Dis die pragtigste foto’s!! Ons is trots om familie te wees van so ‘n fantastiese couple.

  4. Sheila Jolink says:

    Love the photo on the dam wall with the umbrella!! such a blessed day.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Pragtige couple, pragtige plek, pragtige foto’s …. a wedding “made in heaven”…..

  6. Erna Smith says:

    Stunning fotos!!! ‘n Droomdag. Soooo wonderlik dat ons hierdie pragtige memories vir altyd kan koester!!

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